S&S Media Solutions is a marketing resource company that advises members of the global dental industry on ways to maximize the return on their media investments. In the last decade, media channels to the dental profession and laboratories have multiplied exponentially.

Jim Shavel and Allen Schwartz, the founders of S&S Media Solutions, have played key roles in the development and implementation of today's highly targeted media opportunities. Together they have...

  • over 50 years of experience in dental print media
  • created some of the most effective advertising concepts in print and digital media
  • founded and developed multi-language international publications that have become dominant marketing resources in the regions they serve
  • founded and developed online media resources
  • developed successful direct and e-mail ad campaigns
As exclusive sales representatives for the ADA News, JADA, ADA.org, The Annual Session Show Daily and a number of other ADA Publishing products and services, S&S brings a unique and valuable marketing perspective to its clients.

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